Apple Daily Bar & Eating House

Apple Daily Bar & Eating House

Apple Daily Bar & Eating House
Brookfield Place
Print Hall – Level 1
125 St Georges Terrace
Perth, Western Australia

+61 (8) 6282 0088

The deal:
Whenever I come back to Perth, my default response to every price on a menu is ‘HOLY FUCK’ followed by a deep and desperate longing that I wish I knew how to double clutch and drive a truck so I could honk honk my way to a mining job, uncountable riches, a massive sleeve tattoo, a souped up ute and more Pandora jewellery than I could shake an AUD7 coffee at. Stomping around Brookfield Place, my little hometown is all grown up with trendy eateries and the price tag to match. The Apple Daily is the name of the daily tabloid rag in Hong Kong – but here I am in Perth at St Georges Terrace, about to snack on some Asian noms. Apple Daily runs on a no booking basis – so that gave me the opportunity to suck down on an AUD9 cider upstairs for an hour or so and continue my favourite discussion ever when I’m in Perth (wah wah wah Perth is just SO expensive wah wah wah wah can you believe the taxes here?? In HK, it’s only 16.5% tax!! wah wah wah wah). Despite my cynical heart, they’ve made a pretty cool space – bonus points, they haven’t made it insufferably pretentious and they aren’t making me drink out of jam jars which hold AUD20 cocktails with cornball Asian names like ‘Kiss Me Quick Suzie Wong’. I’m always wary of places that do multiple different cuisines (Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai and Chinese) but Apple Daily, even you can surprise an old, cantankerous cynic like me. All of the food we got was very good – the Pilipino (their spelling, not mine) sausage that wraps into a san choy bow style wrap with sticky rice + coriander was a nom nom win. I’m not sure if I will ever get comfortable with paying AUD26 (HKD200+!) for a pad thai, but Perth’s got the minerals so don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Special shout out to our waiter ‘Sunshine’ who started out all smiles but by the end of the evening, he wasn’t playing the game anymore. I’m not sure who took the party out of his life (maybe the toll of people giving him orders was just too much?) but Sunshine was not lighting up the room by the end of the night.

Fuck yeah!

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