49 Hours: The Fuck Yeah Noms Edition (aka The Blandest Person in HK)

49 Hours: The Fuck Yeah Noms Edition (aka The Blandest Person in HK)

Do you know what’s blander than a slice of Wonderbread smeared with some sort of non-dairy margarine substance, served with a cup of warm tap water? The god awful interviews that SCMP’s 48 Hours does with Hong Kong people where they list their favourite restaurants (see here, here and here for examples. I’m not even fucking kidding, the guy last week listed TSUI WAH as his guilty indulgence for “special occasions”). I don’t know where the fuck they find these people but I imagine someone at The Post smashing search terms into google like “stuff everyone likes”, “hiking Dragon’s back”, “HK foodie” and “I just love travelling”. There’s also a rule that if you’re a chef or own a restaurant you should definitely list all your fucking restaurants as your own favourite restaurants and then add in the restaurants of all your best cheffy mates. Whatever. FYN has put together its own weekend interview special called 49 Hours and guess what homies, it’s time to get down and dirty with Sgt Noms, also known as…THE BLANDEST PERSON IN HONG KONG.

Sgt Noms is a former Miss Hong Kong who keeps herself busy as a HK model, actress, socialite, singer and ardent environmentalist who dabbles in token charity efforts.  As in, she showed up at a “Stop the Shark Fin” dinner once in a hot dress and waived her appearance fee.  While she might have her Hong Kong father and her Japanese-Irish mother to thank for her stunning looks it’s clear this genetic melting pot goes more than skin deep.  Sgt Noms’ taste in food is as exotic as her rapidly declining looks – Japanese, Mexican, Lebanese, French and Chinese cuisine are some of her culinary favourites.  There’s nothing this girl won’t try!


There’s this belief that model-actresses don’t eat.  Not true! I absolutely love pretending that I eat whatever I want and in large quantities! But of course, I like to eat healthy – whole foods, organic greens, ancient grains, whatever’s really trendy.  But I truly believe that eating well shows in your hair, skin and nails, which is pretty much all I have going for me.  Oh, I guess my boobs are pretty rad too.  But of course, I’m going to pretend that I like to have the occasional guilty indulgence. I am a girl afterall!

It’s always great to start the weekend off with breakfast at Oolaa (G/F, Bridges Street, CentreStage, Soho, Mid-Levels, tel: 2803-2083).  I like to meet up with a bunch of girlfriends after a morning yoga session and from time to time I let myself indulge by ordering Oolaa’s pancakes which are served with the smallest thimbleful of maple syrup known to mankind. I just love cutting up my pancake into small pieces and pushing it around my plate.  It’s just a super relaxing way to start the weekend with an overpriced breakfast and a cup of average coffee.

I need to include some local HK food because I’m totally down with authentic Cantonese culture.  That’s why I tell people that I love to go to Mak’s Noodle (77 Wellington Street, Central, tel: 2854 3810) for a teeny tiny bowl of wonton noodles. Springy noodles! Pillowy wontons! You guys all know the tired old adjectives to trot out here.  I’m not bothered by the size because I don’t actually ever eat here.While I’m including overhyped local institutions, I should also list Tung Po (2/F Java Road Municipal Services Building, 99 Java Road, North Point, tel: 2880 5224). I even heard you sit on a plastic stool and drink beer from bowls in a cooked food market! It’s a unique experience that you absolutely can’t get anywhere else!

I guess I should mention a dim sum place too, tenuously linking it to the fact that my father’s from Hong Kong and how it reminds me of my childhood.  For me, the best dim sum experience is City Hall Maxim’s Palace (2/F Low Block, City Hall, Central, tel: 2521 1303).  Overpriced, average quality but views of the harbour and trolleys makes it a great experience.  I also love to get dim sum at Din Tai Fung (68 Yee Woo Street, Causeway Bay, tel: 3160 8998), even though it’s not really dim sum at all! Yum, the succulent, juicy xiao long bao are definitely a fave!

I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to write a list of their favourite boring HK restaurants without including Yardbird (33 Bridges Street, Central, tel: 2547 9273). It’s not an everyday thing but their Japanese Fried Chicken really is to die for if you want to splurge and treat yourself.  The whole place has a very cool vibe and makes me feel like I’m back in New York City, just like when I used to MODEL you know?

If I need to grab a quick lunch, I’ll swing by Can-teen (several locations including M/F Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road, Central, tel: 2524 6792) for some char siu rice. I know right, listing Can-teen in a list of my favourite Hong Kong restaurants demonstrates that I’m quite the adventurous foodie!

I absolutely love Sheung Wan and it’s where I’ve lived since it became super trendy.  It’s just this perfect blend of old Hong Kong meets new and I find that it’s such an authentic experience of what HK used to be like because there’s old men selling dried seafood in shops still! I like to take it all in at Classified (108 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, tel: 2525 3454).

Brunch is an absolute institution in Hong Kong and you just can’t go past the champagne brunch at Zuma (5/F The Landmark, 12-16 Des Voeux Road Central, tel: 3657 6388). Fresh sashimi and bottomless bubbles is enough to make any girl’s heart sing for joy.

Sometimes when Hong Kong gets all too much I like to reset my body by doing a juice cleanse.  Genie Juicery (2096B, Podium Level 2, ifc Mall, Central, tel: 2644 5875) is my go to for getting an expensive dose of cold pressed organic scientifically unproven puffery.

For the best view of this city that I’m proud to call home, you really can’t go past rooftop drinks at Sevva (25/F Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road Central, tel: 2537 1388). I just think it’s such a special privilege to pay a lot of money for very mediocre cocktails and beyond awful service. The way the waiters ignore you just contributes to the spectacular Sevva experience.

As told to Fuck Yeah Noms.


Fuck yeah or fuck no?

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