22 Ships

22 Ships

22 Ships
22 Ship Street
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

+852 2555 0722 ‎

Price range:
HKD1400 for 2 people, including HKD585 bottle of wine.  Add tip on top, genuinely no service charge.

The deal:
I’ve covered this off before, that tapas is code for ‘expensive small bites with Spanish names’.  So it was with trepidation that we went to 22 Ships because I was so worried it was going to be one of these hip places that everyone loves and then it just tastes like bankruptcy, hunger and sadness, after you’ve waited an hour to get in because they don’t do bookings.  I’ve sat on writing this review for a while because like a t.A.T.u song‘I’m all mixed up, feeling cornered and rushed’ because I really enjoyed the food at 22 Ships but it was definitely ‘food for ants’ and is it acceptable to pay HKD118 for scallop ceviche which consists of 2 scallops (they even sliced them in half, to make it appear like 4 scallops) – for fuck’s sake, it’s ceviche – you didn’t even have to cook those suckers!  Or how about HKD158 for 2 tiny pork burgers that are the size of a HKD10c coin (yes not even an AUD10c coin)?  But it was pretty fucking tasty and I nommed the shit out of the roasted bone marrow and beef short rib too.  It’s just that it was a brief, joyous nom and then it was gone.  And for these prices, note that it isn’t a fine dining setting – you’re jammed into this tiny space, pretty much sitting on the person next to you (although this did mean that we got to watch first hand a fiesty Asian girl on a blind date with a guy who was well and truly over his head – I wanted to be her friend).

So regarding food amount / price point – I do have to temper that with the fact that I’m a solid nommer and I plaintively looked over at my husband at one point during the meal and I took one look at him and I can’t deny, I’ve got hungry eyes.  True discussion that went down at the dinner table:

SgtNoms:  I’m totally going to Mr Bing down the road after this to get a snack sized Peking Duck bing for HKD35 to dollar cost average down the cost of this meal.  I’m still so fucking hungry.

HubbyNoms:  Well, I’m actually quite full.

SgtNoms:  Compared to all the other girls you’ve gone out with – how much more do I eat than them?

HubbyNoms:  At least 20%.

It’s true love – for richer, for poorer, in bad noms and in good noms, until death do us part.

The verdict:
Fuck yeah on pay day and/or someone else is paying.  Or fuck yeah after having McDonalds or a Mr Bing on the way, so you’re not starving afterwards.  Yes – I am adding a new category ‘fuck yeah on pay day’.

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